In order to diversify into new markets and maintain our relevance as the world moves towards a lower carbon future, Gibson Technology has created a dedicated power generation division.

Gibson Power Systems (GPS) designs, develops and manufactures advanced electrical machines and novel power electronic systems to be used for ultra-power dense portable electrical generation.

Gibson has an exceptional track record in solving complex challenges and delivering innovative engineering solutions.

GPS leverages the wider organisation’s capabilities in high performance race engine design and manufacture, along with its cutting-edge electrical machines & power electronics expertise, to bring new products to market.


Electrical Machine – Designed, manufactured and assembled at Gibson’s Repton facility, GPS’s first electrical machine (eMachine) is a permanent magnet design.

The eMachine was designed with vehicle mounted applications in mind, providing auxiliary power where mains may not exist.

The eMachine is a belt driven unit that utilises gearing to optimise its effectiveness and an electrically actuated clutch to engage / disengage as required, providing a 0 – 10kW power range.

eMachine Power Output
0 kW power output
High torque density with high efficiency >96%
eMachine Design

Geared permanent magnet machine designed for belt driven applications, featuring an electromagnetic clutch, air cooled with an integral fan and operable in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 90°C.

Designed to allow various mounting orientations to suit application with a high voltage 3 Phase output.

eMachine Features and Benefits
  • Extremely robust and compact design
  • High efficiency, wide speed range
  • Multiple orientations to fit application
  • Compatible with GPS power electronics
  • IP65 rated
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

GPS Genset – GPS is currently developing a highly efficient, portable genset.

The combination of an electrical machine, relevant power electronics and an engine are often referred to as an electrical generator or genset.

Development is now underway on a working prototype genset following a proof of concept delivering 10kW of power from a 50kg package. This will utilise the GPS eMachine along with its in-house designed and manufactured Rotary Engine and Power Electronics. This will provide a more compact, lightweight and power dense genset than is currently available on the market. Production models will be available following successful customer demonstrations and testing.

Future development work will extend to multiple fuel options and enhanced eMachine & power electronics designs.

Markets / Applications

Gibson Technology has undertaken an extensive market research programme to fully understand the potential applications for their portable generator. Due to government legislation and public opinion, the market and demand for this product is exponentially increasing.

GPS is currently working with customers in the following areas;

GPS has identified a strong demand for their genset in the roadside EV recovery industry. The solution will provide reduced recovery times for stricken EV drivers as well as producing less of the carbon dioxide emitted by the current flatbed truck recovery method.

GPS has identified opportunities for both the eMachine and genset solutions to support the growing electrification of military equipment and demand for portable power.

GPS has identified potential solutions in the following fields:

  • Vehicle range extenders
  • Crisis response
  • Leisure and events
  • Agriculture
  • Domestic grid disruption

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