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A versatile engine, the ZA348 can be fitted to a large number of chassis and is one of the most successful single make race engines ever produced.

Gibson Technology’s ZA348 3.4-Litre engine was introduced to power the A1GP Championship and supplied the entire grid in 2005 for three years with great success. Following on from this series the engines found a home in the Euro Series 3000 Championship, which in 2010 became Auto GP.

The ZA348 is from the same family as the Le Mans class-winning ZG348, but is developed to run without air restrictors for single make racing formulas.

Technical Data

Configuration 90 degree V8
Capacity 3398 cc
Weight 130 kg
Max Torque 330 lbs ft – 440 Nm
Max Power 530 bhp – 397 Kw

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