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In 2011 Gibson Technology was chosen by Renault Sport Technologies to supply engines for the Formula Renault 3.5 series (FR3.5), which is part of the World Series by Renault (WSbR).

WSbR is a combination of several racing categories, with the main series being FR3.5.

This prestigious category has become one of the most important racing championships in the world for future Formula 1 drivers and therefore the vehicles have many characteristics of the top motorsport class: Carbon Brakes, Semi-Automatic Gearshift, Hand Operated Clutch and a DRS (Drag Reduction System) rear wing.

The ZRS03 engine has been specifically designed and developed for Renault Sport Technologies using some of the most sophisticated design and manufacturing technology available.

Technical Data

Configuration 90 degree V8
Capacity 3398 cc
Weight 125 kg
Max Torque 330 lbs ft – 440 Nm
Max Power 530 bhp – 397 Kw

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