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The GJ458 is one of the lightest 4.5-litre endurance engines ever produced, weighing only 119kg.

Based on the highly successful LMP2 3.4 and LMP1 4-litre units, the 90º V8 has an impeccable pedigree. Petit Le Mans saw the debut of a development Gibson ‘Zytek’ 09S powered by a prototype of the GJ458. The 4.5-litre was then offered to their LMP1 customers.

On its first appearance the GJ458 powered the 09S to pole position. The engine then made its Le Mans debut, again proving its worth by finishing its first 24-hour race.

Technical Data

Configuration 90 degree V8
Capacity 4496 cc
Weight 119 kg
Max Torque 435 lbs ft – 590 Nm
Max Power 700 bhp – 525 kW

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