Reventec are specialists in the design and development of technologically advanced products within the motorsport, defence, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Supplying Gibson Technology with high precision capacitive liquid level and temperature sensors for fluid measurements in our engine testing facilities and race car applications.


Haltermann Carless is a world leading supplier of reference and calibration fuels to the automotive and aerospace industries.

Working with Gibson Technology to develop and supply the latest in high performance fuels for our high performance race engines.


Laser Lines are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial and scientific lasers and laser systems for marking, welding, cutting and cladding. Also providing laser accessories, 3D printers, rapid prototyping systems and vacuum casting systems.

Providing Gibson Technology with precision laser marking equipment for high quality component marking on a range of different materials.


Maxon Motor is a supplier of high precision drive systems. The company develops and manufactures brushed and brushless electric DC servo motors as well as corresponding encoders, gears and control electronics.

Supplying Gibson Technology with state of art Drive by Wire Motor technology for the latest generation of Gibson race engines.


NHK is one of the world’s leading spring manufacturers supplying springs to the automotive motorsport industries, where high reliability springs are necessary to maintain high engine speeds.

Supplying high performance valve springs for the full range of Gibson Technology race engines.


Iscar Tools are a multinational metal cutting tools company affiliated with one of the world’s largest metalworking conglomerates, the IMC Group. The IMC are world leaders for major manufacturing industries in the automotive, aerospace and motorsport sectors.

Providing Gibson Technology with engineering solutions to optimise productivity in our manufacturing facilities, through the application of innovative leading-edge technologies and unique cutting tool designs.


Motul has an international reputation as a leading lubrication and industrial oil supplier in the Automotive, Motorsport and Aerospace industry.

Supplying Gibson Technology with lubricants and fluids for our engine assembly areas and high performance engine testing and manufacturing facilities.


Grainger and Worrall is a world leader in casting development and innovation for the Motorsport, Automotive and Aerospace sectors.

Supplying Gibson Technology with precision aluminium castings, for all our high performance racing engines.


Bio-Circle products combine technology, chemistry and biology to optimise cleaning processes whilst at the same time lowering environmental impact and increasing health and wellbeing of users.

Providing Gibson with sustainable cleaning solutions and developing cleaning processes for our manufacturing, engine component processing and assembly facilities.

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