Estoril ELMS – Final Championship Round

We all love a cliché, so here it is……It’s the calm before the storm…..

Here we are, at Estoril, for the final race of the ELMS season. Jota lead the championship by one point, from Greaves. TDS are nine points further back. There are 26 points for winning from pole, so you can see that it’s not inevitable that a Gibson will lift the trophy. The cars have been scrutineered, and it seems very relaxed in the paddock. The occasional race engine being started up, and some dodgy music on the PA, are all that breaks the silence.

TDS have replaced Gommendy with Lapierre, adding a bit of edge to the competition.

All will be revealed, when the cars hit the track tomorrow at 10.30am for practice. There’s no time difference, here in Portugal, so that makes it a bit simpler.

Now for the bad (?) news……

I enjoyed a run along the coast this morning. There was a dramatic skyline, as the sun rose. The Atlantic was looking very calm, unlike last year, when the waves were smashing hard against the rocky coast line. It’s been a warm and dry day, but the wind is picking up, and we’re expecting it to bring rain with it. Both days are expected to be very wet. The teams have done very little wet running this year, so it’s a fascinating curve ball to introduce at this stage of the season.

So who’s in the best position to weather the storm? Tune in at the weekend, to see how it pans out.

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