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The VK45DE engine project was initiated after entering into an exclusive partnership with Nissan Motorsport International (NISMO) to provide engines for the LMP2 sportscar class.

The engine is based on the highly successful normally aspirated Nissan VK45-SGT GT-R Championship-winning engine which is used in the Japanese Super GT Series.

With these impressive credentials and the combination of both Nismo and Gibson Technology’s extensive engineering resources and manufacturing facilities, it has given the engine an ideal platform to become the most competitive and dominant power unit in the LMP2 category.

Technical Data

Configuration 90 degree V8
Capacity 4494 cc
Weight 150 kg
Max Torque 427 lbs ft – 580 Nm (Regulation Air Restrictor)
Max Power 450 bhp – 337 kW (Regulation Air Restrictor)

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